The Horrea Epagathiana et Epaphroditiana
The Horrea Epagathiana et Epaphroditiana, a horreum in Ostia built c. 145-150 CE. Credit: Sailko/Wikimedia

Horrea were typically large, rectangular buildings with several rooms or compartments for storing different types of goods. They often featured thick walls and sturdy construction, as well as ventilation systems and other features designed to protect the stored goods from spoilage or theft.

Horrea were used both by private individuals and by the state, with the largest and most impressive examples being built by the government. Some of the best-known examples of Horrea in ancient Rome include the Horrea Galbae, a complex of warehouses built by the emperor Galba in the late 1st century AD, and the Horrea Piperataria, a complex of warehouses used for the storage of spices and other luxury goods.

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